How do I know which gas bottle I need?

How do I know which gas bottle I need?

With a surprising number of different sizes and types of gas bottle available to buy now, we are often approached by new (and sometimes existing) customers about what is the best gas bottle for their needs.

There are of course a number of options available when you are looking to purchase bottled gas – for example if you have the space and don’t mind having a large bottle in your garden, a 47kg or 19kg propane bottle is obviously going to last a lot longer than the more traditional 6kg propane bottles.

As you may know, we offer free delivery on all our gas bottles across Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire*, whether you are making a single or bulk purchase, and we’ll take away your empty gas cylinders too.

As a rule of thumb we generally recommend the following different sizes for the purposes outlined:

Bottled gas at home: 

  • Domestic central heating: 47kg bottle of propane gas

  • Domestic cooking appliances: 47kg / 19kg bottles of propane gas

  • Gas barbeque: 11 kg bottle of propane gas

  • Residential mobile home parks: 47kg bottle of propane gas

Portable gas supplies:

  • Mobile catering: 19kg bottle of propane gas

  • Mobile gas heaters: 13kg / 7kg bottles of butane gas

  • Touring caravans: Selection of small propane gas bottles

Bottled gas for industry:

  • Fork lift trucks: 18kg bottle of propane gas

  • Farming and agriculture: 47kg bottle of propane gas

  • Blow torches: 3.9kg bottle of propane gas

  • Welding torches: 6kg bottle of propane gas


* some limitations exist, please call for further details.