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Commercial LPG supply

GSS Gas supply Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG)

With the growing emphasis on cutting commercial carbon emissions there has never been a better time to switch your company to LPG.

We provide a range of economical LPG fuel options and reliable supply deals.Go green and reduce your costs by using LPG to heat your workplace.

Gas for commercial heating

GSS specialise in the hiring of industrial space heaters and gas heaters for commercial spacesGo green and reduce your heating costs by using LPG to heat your workplace.

Be able to tell your customers that you are cutting down your carbon emissions by using LPG heaters in your business. We provide a full range of heaters for sale and hire.

Heating systems that we have for sale and hire:

  • Patio heaters
  • Portable heaters
  • Space heaters
  • Marquee heaters
  • Blow heaters

And we offer free delivery on all products and bottled gas in Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire – Give us a call on 01787 222380 to find out how much cheaper your commercial heating in Essex could be.

Fork lift gas

Gs bottle deliveries from GSS across the East of EnglandChoose the cheapest, cleanest and longest lasting fuel for your fork lift trucks. Save money by switching the fork lift trucks at your depot or warehouse to LPG from GSS Earls Colne.

Whatever the weather we offer reliable and free LPG gas delivery

Make your life easier with the free short notice delivery that we offer on all of our products. We know keeping your fork lift working is important to your business so we endeavour to deliver your replacement gas as soon as possible -downtime costs you money and that’s why we do everything possible to keep your depot running smoothly.

Become one of our regular customers and we will call you once a week all year round to make sure you never run out of gas.

How LPG out-performs electric and diesel:

  • Is quieter than diesel
  • Less fumes than diesel
  • Can be used inside and outside
  • Can be kept running non stop through a 24 hour day
  • Quick to refuel
  • By burning cleanly, LPG increases engine life

Fleet LPG fuel deals


We run a local LPG filling station in the Colchester area of Essex – allowing you to fill up your LPG vehicle. We offer competitively priced LPG fuel and friendly service from our base in Earls Colne, just off the A120 at Coggeshall.

You can find our LPG gas pump by putting CO6 2NR into your Sat-Nav.

Our LPG gas pump full address is:

Nightingale Hall Farm
Nightingale Hall Road
Earls Colne


If your company is going green and cutting emissions and costs by converting to LPG, we can help you save further by offering you special rates at our LPG pump.  Our LPG pumps in Colchester are discounted for our commercial and fleet customers.  Or if you’re a personal customer GSS Gas offer a LPG car refill centre in Earls Colne for you to keep your car or other LPG vehicle on the move.