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People Say About Us


I started using GSS for gas delivery about two years ago after using a nationwide company who were clueless. GSS came to my rescue after the other company let me down and failed to deliver on time with a six month old baby in the house which was a nightmare. I have used GSS ever since and will continue to do so highly recommended.
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Andy Weller, ★★★★★

Tricky repair for Balmoral 17s lawnmower. The guys at GSS were a pleasure to deal with, knowledgeable and prompt regarding delivery and collection. No hesitation in recommending GSS to other people.
Many Thanks
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Jack Powell, ★★★★★

I received a very prompt delivery of my gas bottles which I received after a very courteous service – the delivery arrived on time and in time for me before my existing gas ran out.
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Peter Twyford, ★★★★★

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